MapBridge for Google Map API for Flash to JavaScript

This library provides a JavaScript proxy to Google Maps ActionScript API (Flash and Flex) It requires Adobe's FABridge ( and SWFObject (

For a description and examples of how to use this library, check out the how-to.

namespace MapBridge

Static methods to create a flash map instance. After map instance is created, refer to Google Maps ActionScript API for reference documentation.

Static Methods

Static Methods Return Value Description
createMap(node:Node, callback:Function, opt_bridge:MapBridgeOptions) None Create a map. This method must be called before any other methods. The created map instance will be passed as the first parameter in the callback function. The bridge itself will be the second parameter. Normally there is no need to use the bridge itself. The returned map instance also contains the following convient methods:
  • create(fullClassName:String, args:Array). Construct a object instance with parameters.
  • getStatic(fullClassName:String, fnValName:String, args:Array). Get static variables or call static function from a class

class MapBridgeOptions

This class represents the optional parameter passed into MapBridge.createMap. There is no constructor for this class. Instead, this class is instantiated as a javascript object literal.


Properties Type Description
swf String The customized swf file that may compiled with more classes. Default value is the MapBridge_9(or 10).swf in the same folder as the JS. The swf class must contains 'MapBridge' in its name if it extends